Take control of your health and let us help you along the way.

General Health Care

Primary Care

We offer health care that covers the majority of primary care needs. Our clinics focus on elevating the health and well-being of individuals and their communities. Founded on the belief that people matter, Harmony’s primary care providers and staff strive both in work and everyday life to uphold the values of Service, Integrity, Trust, and Listening. Because people matter, helping them achieve their best health is very important to Harmony. Harmony patients are provided with more options to meet their specific needs and interests. Harmony offers traditional, and preventative medical services to help each individual achieve their best health.

Services Include

Physicals, PAP smears, Prostate exams

Digestive issues

Joint injections for pain

Evaluations of Thyroid

Cholesterol management

Heart health

Stress management

Strep and Influenza testing

Diabetes management

Trigger Point

Toenail removal

Carotid artery health testing

Services Include


Well-child Visits



Abdominal Problems






Strep Throat


Whooping Cough

Learning and Developmental Disabilities

Chronic Conditions

Ear Infections

Genital and Urinary Tract Problems



Sports Injuries


And More...

Pediatric Care

From routine checkups, immunotherapy, and immunizations, Harmony Medical Care is able to handle all of your child’s health needs. The health of your child is our top priority. We strive to create an inviting place where kids and parents feel comfortable. With inviting colors and unique internal design throughout the entire facility, our pediatric care is designed to put a smile on your child’s face. All of our doctors and staff love working with kids and it shows.

Allergy Testing

We test for and diagnose both environmental and food allergies. We offer long-term treatment options to address the source of your environmental allergies. The treatment has a positive, secondary effect of boosting the immune system as a whole. Immunotherapy treatment provides life-long immunity to allergy symptoms in many patients and can lead to increased quality of life for people who suffer from allergies.

Lab Services

Get a more complete overview of your health with our laboratory services. Harmony offers a convenient location and process to get the results you need. We offer a number of in-house lab services for our patients and we partner with the highest quality, advanced laboratories to cover all of your needs. Our on-site labs reduce wait times to get results. Our labs continue to integrate more advanced testing and equipment. Be sure to ask your provider what you can learn from our blood lab services.