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Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment

Our exclusive Comprehensive Whole-body Assessment (CWA) supplements the annual physical exams to include over 10 specialized health tests, assessments, ultrasounds, and labs. Patients who complete the CWA receive all their results in a follow-up consultation with a primary care physician who reviews the results and provides instructions on the next steps for improving their health. The results are also shared with the patient’s primary care physician and any applicable specialists.


Allergies affect our ability to function at home, work and play. But that doesn’t have to be the case for you. Immunotherapy is a well-established medical treatment that exposes the body to microdoses of an allergen, which allows the body to develop an immunity. Over time, your immune system will not have the negative reactions to the allergens anymore. Working with Harmony, we help you identify which allergies are causing the worst symptoms and then our specialists mix the immunotherapy medication specific to your needs.


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Chronic Care Management

Caring for your health often goes beyond the walls of our clinic. Ongoing support is a vital component to a better outcome. People who are struggling to manage multiple chronic health conditions, or who are just learning how to live with a newly developed condition benefit the most. Our approach is a collaboration and team effort to help you get the best outcome. We work with you to establish a care plan and check in weekly to work toward achieving the end goal to be healthier and happier.


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